Finally, an Absence Noted

Finally, an Absence Noted

"Your honor, the 17 billion humans on our planet need the resources Neris Seven will provide," said Barnett.

"How so?" asked the judge at the head of the table.

Barnett stared at Ms. Dharma, the plaintiff's attorney. Connect the dots. "Heavy metals exist in abundance in the sulfide deposits around these hydrothermal vents on the sea floor. Heavy metals required to produce solar panels. Solar panels we need to keep the lights on. Literally."

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Something short and new

I'm finishing revisions on the final piece in a micro fiction workshop I took this fall. The projects included everything from 140 character fiction to a final assignment of 1000 words. I shared one of the twitter-length pieces this AM. 

Coming soon to Perihelion: Me

Got some exciting news. Perhelion Science Fiction purchased my short story "Most Certainly."

Perihelion publishes science-heavy fiction, with an emphasis on what's called "hard sci-fi." That is, fiction where the science is at least plausible. For some detail on the difference between hard and soft sci-fi, check out this article and interview with several sci-fi authors on, How Do You Like Your Science Fiction: Ten Authors Weigh in on Hard vs. Soft

When writing this story, I actually consulted a friend who has both a Master's degree in Physics and a PhD in Condensed Matter and Materials Physics; I wanted to get the science right. Or at least plausible.

Thanks, Hatcher.

My story will appear in the July 12 update, and you'll be able to read it for free on their site. In the meantime, pop over and check out what they've got going right now. 

Perihelion Science Fiction